A year in the making, I am extremely proud to announce the launch of The Art of Home Herbalism Online. A collaboration between Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbal and myself, we came together with the same goal; to make home healing and herbalism more accessible and approachable to all.


After six months of filming in Western Massachusetts and a winter editing in Maine, I have created visually stimulating and knowledge-dense videos to compliment the reading materials, audio lessons, recipes and at-home activities included in Brittany's nine month course.


This project has allowed me to practice two of my greatest passions, filmmaking and herbalism / self-care; both made brighter by working with such a luminous and compassionate healer. Brittany makes herbalism approachable and invigorating! More Info: Thyme Herbal


I’m beyond excited to reveal my biggest project of the past six months, Thyme Herbal's brand new website! I’m so grateful to have been able to work with Brittany on yet another huge and rewarding project and super proud of the end result. The site is also the perfect home for many of the photos I took while filming lessons for Thyme Herbal: The Art of Home Herbalism Online. So this announcement stands as a celebration for our years of work together and an excited “Cheers!” to all the wonderful events about to unfold in the world of Thyme Herbal. Not only has Brittany been cooking up this new website with me, but has moved into a beautiful homestead where classes now take place, has a new book coming out, a wedding right around the corner and a baby on board! Congratulations B! If you’re interested in the world of herbalism and self care, make sure to take a look at all Thyme Herbal has to offer. The classes take place on her beautiful homestead in Conway, Massachusetts, surrounded by blue hills, lush gardens, fruit trees and hosted by one of my favorite people. There’s also plenty of online recipes, classes and books available to anyone unable to make it to the wilds of Western MA.


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